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Hey lovely! Sherri Nickols here


And I’ve got a magic wand! Well, more like a Magic Transformation Tool. And while I can’t make all the pain go away right now, I can help get you to that place.

I’m an award-winning author, international speaker and women's empowerment and transformation coach …

And when I’m not shaking it up on the dance floor with my girlfriends (who can resist a bit of Justin Timberlake?) or traveling to far-flung places like Egypt to wander the pyramids or soak up every adventure I can find (there’s definitely a bit of Indiana Jones in me).

I LOVE helping spiritual women in troubled relationships reconnect with their True beautiful-sparkling Self and connect with their Diamond Power– so they can heal the heartache that has them stuck, and be empowered to love wholly, to love fearlessly, to love with total freedom of self-expression.

Because it’s incredibly rewarding to see women uncover harmful patterns, clear them away, and achieve results WAY BEYOND what they thought possible.

AND because I was one of these women. Just like you.

My husband was leading a double life with another woman


I totally get it. I’ve been in your heels. I was 13 years into what I thought was a devoted relationship … when I discovered my husband was living a double life with a woman in another state.

Who knew I had enough tears to fill the Pacific (probably the Atlantic too).

Who knew my heart could endure such pain and still go on beating (I’m some kind of medical miracle).

Who knew that in trying to fix everythingI would lose it all –

most significantly myself.

I was so stunned, scared and confused I often just stood, frozen, staring into space. That is, until the uncontrollable shaking took over.

What was wrong with me … why wasn't I enough?


There was a lot of shame too – beating myself up, and wondering why wasn’t I enough for him… ? What was wrong with me … ? What was I missing?

Plus I felt so darn stupid – How could I have not seen this coming?

I remember this one night in particular – I’d gone through a whole box of Kleenex crying. I went into the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I thought – how did I get here? I didn’t even recognize myself, I thought … what happened to ME?

The truth was I’d been unhappy for a loooong while. But I’d not been honest with myself – I’d been covering up the obvious with a big smiley mask of ‘everything is great!’ (You know the one, right?)

Over the years, I had completely lost myself.

Of course, I blamed my ex. UTTERLY.

But after a few months of pity parties, I was able to take a nanosecond break from brooding over his betrayal … and guess what. A surprising sliver of enlightenment slipped in ...

I started to understand my part in this whole mess


I started to see my own dirty laundry, to understand my part in this whole mess.

And it was NOT pretty.

Rather than setting boundaries, standing in my truth, honoring my divine femininity, and being honest about my feelings when my needs were repeatedly not met ... I had blindly steamrollered over every one of those glaring red flags.

Why? Because it just seemed too messy to deal with the truth.

I’d chosen to pretend my life was everything I wanted it to be.

In fact, I was dying a slow death.

“OK Sherri,” I thought, “you can sink or swim ...” I chose to swim.

And so I began a journey to heal my heart.

I invested over $250,000 in transformation trainings that gave me the knowledge and tools to get clear on what I would really LOVE in my life ...

I learned how to let go of old, self-sabotaging ways of thinking and rewire my brain with supportive beliefs that were aligned with my dreams …

I turned my life around.

Suddenly, all these amazing opportunities started to pop up, exciting doors opened – and I had the courage to say YES!

I’m talking bucket list dreams like hiking to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru, serving as a transformational leader in Africa – and building a thriving business doing what I absolutely LOVE ...

Today, I’m still doing what I love – coaching spiritual women to increase their confidence, get unstuck, heal their hearts, and free themselves of toxic thoughts so they can welcome in the sustaining, joyful love and life they long for.

I had a vision!


And I KNOW this is my true purpose – because I had a vision!

Honestly, I really did! I was meditating about my work with women, and I saw a beautiful, unique DIAMOND at the core of every one of them.

This perfect gem is a power source of all Love and will give you the strength and support to get through any circumstance.

Over time, your diamond power might feel disconnected because it gets buried in the grime of distrust and disappointment – mine sure did – but it’s always there!

That’s when I understood that my true purpose is to help women like you cut through the grime, and rediscover your Diamond Power...

...So you can reconnect with your sparkling Self and know that you are loved 24/7. Let’s heal your heart to live the fullest life possible.

They say women love diamonds. I say women ARE diamonds.

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